Symposium Theme

AI 의료와 AR/VR 의 융합
Convergence of AI Medicine and AR/VR


2D/3D 영상 분석 및 생성의 의료분야의 활용 
Applications of 2D/3D Image Analysis and Generation for Medicine

인공지능 의료 컨버전스
Convergence of AI and Medicine

VR기술의 의료 컨버전스
Convergence of VR and Medicine

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The 12th KSSiS Symposium

Lecture Title:
사람 움직임 모델, 얼굴 모델, 피로도 측정 위한 VR 컨텐츠 제작

Human Movement Model, Face Model, VR Contents Production for Visual Discomfort Measurement

Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Yonsei University

Sanghoon Lee, Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
공포 및 중독 경감을 위한 가상현실 인지행동치료의 효과성

Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Cognitive-behavior Therapy for Relieving Phobia and Addiction

Yonsei University

Jae-Jin Kim, M.D., Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
가상현실 방향전환보행 기술 동향

Trends in Redirected Walking Technology in Virtual Reality

Computer Science
Yonsei University

In-Kwon Lee, Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
착용형 로봇의 보행보조전략

Assistance Strategies for Wearable Exoskeleton Robots

Rehabilitation Medicine
Yonsei University

Dong-wook Rha, M.D., Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
가상현실을 이용한 치의학 교육 콘텐츠 개발​

Virtual Reality for Dental Education

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Chosun University


Lecture Title:
의료 가상/증강현실 임상시험센터 소개

Introduction to Medical Virtual/Augmented Reality Clinical Trial Center

Biomedical Engineering
Chungnam National University School of Medicine

Hyoun-Joong Kong, Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
의학영상 분석의 딥러닝 응용

Medical Image Analysis with Deep Learning

Yonsei University College of Medicine

Hwiyoung Kim, Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
기계학습 기반 의료 영상 분석과 인체 장기 모델링

Machine Learning Approaches in Medical Image Analysis and Organ Shape Modeling

Computer Science and Engineering
Kyungpook National University

Jaeil Kim, Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
치과 임플란트 가상 모의 수술

Dental Implant Simulation Surgery

Doctorplant Dental Clinic

Doyun Lee, D.D.S., B.D.S., Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
Simulation, VR/AR, AI 기술의 의학 응용

Simulation, VR/AR, and AI Technologies for Medical Application

Center for Bionics
Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST)

Youngjun Kim, Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
광섬유 센서를 이용한 가상현실용 모션캡처 시스템

Motion Capture System for Virtual Reality using Optical Fiber Sensor

Center for Bionics
Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Jinseok Kim, Ph.D.

Lecture Title:
복합생체신호 측정을 통한 VR콘텐츠 사용성평가 연구

A Study on the Usability Evaluation of VR Contents by Measuring Complex Bio-signals

Game Engineering
Graduate School of Game, Gachon University

SeokHee Oh, Ph.D.

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